Your Body is Speaking… Are you Listening?

November 9, 2015

One of the saddest things I see these days is people who are out of touch with their bodies in various ways. This lack of sensitivity and respect for one’s body sensations can lead to serious health problems as we try to ignore that twinge, pain, numbness, or sense of malaise. We have become a culture of “doers” which prizes profitability and externally measured success at all costs. But what happens if we achieve the income level we want or the grades we want, or get that promotion that proves our worth to others, and we are too sick to enjoy or appreciate it? What was the real cost of that? I think we can be successful and honor our bodies; they are not mutually exclusive aims. We just need to learn how.

Of course, we don’t want to be so hyper-aware of what our body tells us that it makes us panic or hypochondriac, but I think that anxiety like that is often the unfortunate side effect of stress that has gone ignored for a long time and has to get extreme to get our attention. Yes, there are some people who have a heritable predisposition to anxious nervous systems, but biology is not always destiny. People can learn to listen to anxiety and stress but not be dominated by it. In psychotherapy people learn how to soothe their physiological response to stress and challenge their mental constructs that make them anxious. But for people who are not anxious all the time, and just occasionally stressed, there is a preventive approach that helps to calm oneself down. It involves self-reflection and listening to the body’s wisdom, learning to experience the body as an ally that informs and co-creates reality with the brain. The more we do this the more choices we have. We can choose to heed its message, or to ignore it, or to breathe through it, etc.

If you are curious about learning how to listen to your body’s wisdom, I would love to help you develop that skill and guide you through application of this skill in your lives. Please give me a call at 661-233-6771. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully you look forward to hearing from your body!