I am a certified life coach who promotes your wellness (known as wellness coaching) and connecting mentally and emotionally with the body. I specialize in helping you develop a more loving, respectful relationship with your body. My goal is to help each client connect lovingly the mind, body, and spirit. When you love yourself mind, body, and soul, you treat your body mindfully and carefully, and it loves you right back! It is a phenomenal experience and way of living.

I offer individual as well as group coaching to this end.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness coaching is a focused, goal-directed experience that allows you to partner with a person who helps you define for yourself what a good life is. We explore and consider your satisfaction in all areas of your life. Wellness coaching is NOT therapy in that you are an equal partner with the coach in choosing what goals you wish to pursue. You take responsibility for acting upon those goals. Together, we develop goals to create that life and concrete action steps to achieve your goals.

You Deserve More!

Sometimes people have physical, psychological or mental challenges and think that only a certain range of outcomes is possible for them. For example, with chronic illnesses or pain, people think they are not able to enjoy life fully (see http://yourchronicillnesscoach.com/a-brief-introduction-to-medically-unexplained-illnesses/). They might feel constrained to living uninteresting lives. They limit their worldview and their opinion of their lives, to what others have told them is possible. This is not only self-defeating — it is dangerous. It numbs their desire for more. In the process, many become hopeless and settle for the way things are.

More is possible! You have the right, even the responsibility, to expand your vision of what you can have in life. By ensuring that you have more satisfaction and meaningful involvement in more areas of your life, you have a fuller, more joyful existence than you thought possible. If you want something more in your life, I’d like to help you create a vision for that change and make it real!

My Experience

I have experience as a psychologist, coach, and a person who strives for excellence (please see my website for more information at http://www.lisaslarsen.com). I draw on all these as a way to aid people in achieving what they want. As a coach, I help you formulate your desires into a plan that you execute in a step-wise way, and support you as I hold you accountable for sticking with your plan. During our meetings, we can find out what is working and what needs help. When you feel that you have achieved what you wanted and it seems like you can keep up that positive change on your own, we can stop meeting. It sounds simple, but it requires commitment from you and me. I give information, support and I challenge you to think bigger than you have before and break through the limiting thoughts from your past.

How it Works

I meet with people individually for at least a month at a time, for an hour. We can work better when both of us commit, which we can be established by working this way. Individual meetings can take place in person, via VSee (HIPAA-compliant video conferencing), or phone. For those of you who want individualized attention in your coaching, please consider one-on-one coaching. If you are in the Lancaster/Palmdale, California area or are willing to travel here from somewhere else in Southern California, I’d love to meet you in person. If you can’t travel, then we can use VSee or meet by phone.

I also give group coaching, which many people find useful as well. This can provide more interaction, support, dynamic energy, and insight. It is exciting because you get the additional understanding of other people who are going through your same challenges. In all the work, we are striving to connect mind, body, and soul in a loving, respectful, and supportive way. Please call if you feel moved to participate in group or individual coaching, as I would be delighted to hear from you. For pricing, scheduling or questions, please call me at 661-233-6771 or email me at lisalarsen69@gmail.com.

Let’s see what’s possible for you now! 

Please feel free to reach me also by completing the contact form below: