Acceptance of Aging

discouraged woman

When did we become so petrified of aging? Why is it unacceptable to look one’s age? This phrase has been around for a while, but recently it hit a nerve with me. I am aware of being edged out of what is considered “beautiful” in this society. In speaking with middle-aged people (and also being […]

Your Food Plan: Is it All or Nothing?

distracted eating of food

Many people know they need to change the way they eat for health, feeling better about their appearance, or raising their self-esteem. Their relationship to food has to be adjusted if it is a source of comfort, entertainment, or escape. Sometimes when people get a physical or mental illness, it’s hard to get the motivation […]

When Illness Defines Identity

When we have chronic illness, it is very easy to get consumed in what we can’t do and be. This comes to shape our identity and can even hamper our self-esteem. Unfortunately, diagnostic labels can come to define us if we don’t take active measures to prevent that from occurring. As a psychologist I see how […]