Chuckle (In response to Daily Prompt for April 19, 2017)

April 20, 2017

Impulsive frogThere is an age-old tension between waiting to do something when you feel inspired, and getting inspired enough to do something. I often find that the things that we have the best of intentions of doing, like exercising, being kind to others, eating better, etc. are much more difficult than the things we know we should do. How do you want what you don’t really want, but what you should want and what other people want you to want? Especially when what you want is what you should not want, but the very prohibition of wanting that thing makes it all the more desirable? Chocolate cake comes to mind, or a good stiff drink, or an illicit affair. How do we convince ourselves we don’t want these things, or is it more realistic to talk yourself down from your desire?


I think it’s more realistic to acknowledge that you wanted but that you might not like what happens if you get it. You can laugh at yourself, or get angry with yourself, or judge yourself – any of these options is possible if you step back and realize that you have a choice. I always like a good laugh and find myself a constant source of amusement, so when I crave something that has bad consequences for my long-term well-being, I prefer to have a good chuckle.

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