Slowing down is a way to be grateful

This is that time of year when people often overeat and overindulge in rich food and alcoholic beverages. While that is not in and of itself a horrible thing (if done sparingly), a can be taxing both mentally and physically to overeat and not fully appreciate what you are consuming. Part of the issue is […]

The Gift of Health on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often a time when we eat more sugar than normal. People often celebrate with candy, confections, and special, sumptuous dinners. It’s fine to celebrate special occasions with food. However, there other ways to let people know that you care about them without raising their insulin levels. Here are some ideas for having […]

Your Food Plan: Is it All or Nothing?

distracted eating of food

Many people know they need to change the way they eat for health, feeling better about their appearance, or raising their self-esteem. Their relationship to food has to be adjusted if it is a source of comfort, entertainment, or escape. Sometimes when people get a physical or mental illness, it’s hard to get the motivation […]