Welcome to this blog about wellness coaching, Be Well Coaching For You. I love helping people with chronic illness lives as full and rewarding lives as possible. I also loved helping busy helping professionals who take great care of everybody but themselves.

For people with chronic illness and pain, I am passionate about guiding you in taking better care of yourself, partnering with you and finding what makes life meaningful and enjoyable, and coming up with the wellness plan that encompasses all aspects of life. This is in the service of creating a multidimensional, enjoyable life that accommodates your illness or paint. I have a lot of professional and personal experience with illness and disability, and I can help you find resources that will make your journey to a better life more feasible. In a way, having limitations forces us to be more careful about our health and well-being.

For helping professionals, I can assist you in changing your orientation to strictly caring for other people, and findings small ways to improve your overall life satisfaction. It’s time to take care of yourself, too. Wellness coaching can help you develop a plan to take care of yourself, implement it, and maintain it — even when you’re busy. Time management is part of that, and carving out time for wellness activities can go a long way. But sometimes we need an accountability partner or two to get the job done and actually see results. I am that supportive force in your life.

My name is Lisa S. Larsen, BCC, PsyD, and I am a licensed psychologist and Board-Certified Coach. I specialize in mind-body integration and wellness. I have helped people with their problems since 2003, specializing in trauma survival, grief and other problems. I have been in private practice since 2004. If you are suffering from an emotional or psychological problem at this time, I am happy to help you with that issue and you can visit my psychotherapy webpage at http://www.yourtraumatherapist.com. You can also check out my blog, ceiling from grief and trauma, at https://lisaslarsen.wordpress.com/.

This blog is for people who are doing pretty well psychologically, but not paying enough attention to their own well being and need help stepping up their plans to be their best. Wellness coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach that empowers the client to find where they are stuck in their quest for physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and financial well-being; the coach then helps the client develop strategies to get unstuck, and put into place a way to keep up good well-being overall. Coaches are not in charge of your journey; they merely help you chart the course and keep on track, especially when things get tough along the road. I have noticed a lot of fellow therapists (as well as nurses, doctors, social workers, etc.) who are terrific at giving their clients and patients excellent care. Yet, when it comes to caring for themselves, they have trouble making time for basic things like self-care, from exercise and eating well to taking vacations and even remembering to eat during the day! When this happens everyone suffers, and I want to help you prevent things like burnout, poor sleep, poor eating habits, and chronic health problems.

I offer individual and group coaching around issues of wellness mind-body-spirit integration, and stress reduction. I can meet with you in person if you are in or around the Antelope Valley in Southern California; or I can use phone or Skype to coach you. My Skype address is dr.lisa.larsen. I am happy to speak with you about your needs and whether wellness coaching would be a good fit for you. Please call 661-661-233-6771 to start your road to wellness now!